I believe we’re all here for a reason. We’re all here with a purpose, and we’re all trying to find it, no matter who we are or where we are. We’re all looking for happiness.

I’m a 21 year woman exploring the world through her own eyes. I’m passionate about literally anything that sparks even the smallest interest in my mind. I love being challenged; talk to me about your passions, dreams and hopes and I will forever cherish you in my heart.

This blog will mostly be about my life and everything that surrounds it, my interests such as law, governments and politics (which I am currently studying in), photography, travel, books and literature, my faith and spirituality, etc. Basically everything. I’ve always wanted to write down my thoughts somewhere and I’ve always failed to keep it up because I did not take the time for it. But I’m feeling like this blog is going to be consistent (hopefully) and it will mostly help me grow as a person and a human being, but most importantly, as a woman making her way out in the World.

This is my journey to it and I hope you tag along for the ride. Hope you all enjoy my small piece of life!

Ines xxx